“I originally hired Magna Writing & Editing to help create and write the website text for my new business. Meghan brings a skilled eye to the world of editing. Magna’s high quality work and quick turnaround time are exceptional. I was extremely delighted with all the encouragement and insight I was provided with in the help of growing my business. Magna assisted in building our Facebook page and helped us reach nearly 100 ‘likes’ in just a few short months. We will be recommending Meghan and her team to everyone without hesitation!”

-Dianna Echeverri (Owner, Hello Baby Maternity Concierge)

* * * * * * *

“The professionals behind Magna are amazing. I recently organized a large charity event that required months of extensive marketing and public relations efforts. I relied on Magna’s writing and editing skills for all publicity materials, including news releases, sponsor letters, advertising, flyers, website text, and scripts for promotional videos and public service announcements. Magna also created and promoted our event’s branded Facebook page that continues to grow and engage our community every day.

“Magna’s work is top notch. They are creative, thorough and timely, and I highly recommend them.”

-Jose Moreno (Race director, Run to Fight Children’s Cancer)

* * * * * * *

“Magna was essential in building my company’s website. Magna composed our biography and menu item descriptions and provided essential feedback on the website’s usability and aesthetics. I was especially impressed with their attentiveness and quick turnaround. Magna is an invaluable asset to the small business owner and has my recommendation.”

-Taylor Shelton (Owner, Something Sweet by Tay)

* * * * * * *

“Magna took my resume and cover letter to a new level and did so in no time. Professional and detail-oriented. I will be back for all my writing needs.”



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